Excel Resources

There are free alternatives to Microsoft Excel!
Google Docs - Free spreadsheet, word processor and presentation software! 
Open Office - http://www.openoffice.org/

Here is a collection of informational resources on how to use Excel spreadsheets.

Ask Mr. Excel! - Lots of resources, including message boards, FAQ's, tips and tricks
Mr. Excel Video Podcast - Learn XL by watching Mr. Excel's Videos!
Excel Tutorial (University of South Dakota)
DataPig Technologies - Help with some more advanced Excel Topics
EdCC Class - Excel (BSTEC #224)
Excel - How to use Basic Functions (.doc)
Excel Charting Instructions (.zip)
What is Excel? - Lecture Notes by Teri Odegard, Edmonds CC
Creating a Simple Worksheet by Teri Odegard
Enhancing a Simple Worksheet - by Teri Odegard
The Spreadsheet Page - by John Walkenbach

Accounting Resources: - These are downloadable Excel files that include some preformatting.

General Journal - a basic general journal form
General Ledger - a basic general ledger form
Journal, Ledger and Trial balance - Spreadsheet that includes journal with automatic links to a general ledger and a trial balance - Created by Gisela Dicklin, Edmonds Community College
T-Accounts with Trial Balance - File that includes T-accounts, and Cash Flow Statement - Created by Harry Hooper, Santa Fe Community College
More Accounting Forms - Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Owner's Equity, Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance - All created by Ron Auerbach
Multi-Step Income Statement - Generic merchandisers' income statement
Statement of Stockholders' Equity - Keep track of all those stockholder equity transactions.
Classified Balance Sheet - Generic classified balance sheet form
Transaction Matrix - To record transactions without those confusing debit and credit things.
Dupont Financial Analysis Template - Useful for analyzing return on equity
Cash Budget - Where does the money come from and where does it go?
Worksheet Template - Basic 10-column worksheet for adjustments and closing process
Loan Amortization Table and Bond Discount Amortization Table - file with two of the fun assignments from the long-term liabilities unit
Mortgage Payment Example - Calculate how much you will have to pay!
Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured
Accounting Forms - Daytona Beach CC's collection of spreadsheet templates
Templates for use with Needles, Powers, Crosson:  Financial and Managerial Accounting (2002 edition)
Templates for use with College Accounting by McQuaig and Bille.  (.zip file)
Templates from Santa Fe Community College - TACTYC Presentation - May 2002
Microsoft Office Template Gallery - Finance and Accounting